“The single life hits different” Tyrese laments having to start dating afresh and getting to know new people after his marriage crashed

Tyrese Gibson took to Instagram to complain about how hard it is meeting new people and getting to know them after his marriage crashed.

The actor and his wife Samantha announced their split only weeks ago and Tyrese says having to date again as a newly single man isn’t easy, especially considering he didn’t imagine he’ll ever be there.

He wrote: “Dear God, With a healing heart I post this….. I am sorry for my sins and sorry for anything I’ve ever done to anyone rather I’m aware of it or not I just hope you find it in your heart to forgive me….. I have not met my BEST self yet and I know it…. I can’t wait to meet the NEW ME!!!!! This single life hits different especially since I could of never ever seen this coming…… Ever…. Back to the basics…. What’s your name? Where you from? Who yo momma nem? What you do? What’s your credit score? Jesus or Nah? Lol #TheVibes”