Young Lady Just received sad news of the passing of friend who promise to visit her on Sunday

He promise to see her this coming Sunday on their last chat and she just received sad news of the passing of his sudden dead.

She wrote:

Michael Blessed how could u do this to me, why would u go in and shot the door forvever, We spoke on Wednesday and u promised to see me on Sunday. Why then did u promised and failed 😣😭😭. You have been a very good friend and more to me, ur memories are in my brain and heart,

I can’t let u go, pls this is a dream 😴 someone should wake me up, why did u do this to me, why??????? I thought we would only say RIP when we are old? Why then did u kick that bucket, You a such a genius,

I would always keep dressing decent always cause that’s one of the good things u thought me, to make peace with my neighbors to be there for people, to forgive and to love God more.

Why would God let such an Angel like u die. You don’t deserve this. Ok now that u have failed to keep ur promise on seeing me this Sunday.

I need a favor from u, Now I want u to kill, destroy and leave none of ur killers alive. If u really like me as u have always said then u have to kill every single person that killed u, then I can let u RIP.

You were a guardian Angel to me, why then did u die untimely 😭😭😭😭😭blessed pls come back, I have missed u so much, the hugs , the encouragement, the joy, the peace of mind u gave and more 😣😭😭😭. My heart is bleeding, I wish I can see u one more timeπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

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