There is no freedom that does not have boundaries – Femi Adesina warns those calling for Buhari’s resignation

Presidential Spokesperson, Femi Adesina has issued a warning against those calling for President Buhari’s resignation. 

Adesina who noted that those making such calls are exercising their constitutional right in an interview on Channels Television, added that people should know that every freedom has a boundary. 

He further stated that such people might be invited to answer questions if the calls for resignation are bent on causing chaos. 

The presidential spokesperson said; 

“Under a democracy, people have freedom of speech. You have freedom of speech although that freedom also has boundaries. There is no freedom that does not have boundaries. The freedom that does not have boundaries will even injure the person who is utilising that freedom. 

“So, if anybody says that kind of thing under a democracy, it is allowed but when it is bent on causing chaos, that person may be asked to come and answer certain questions.”