86 year old man suffering from dementia is found dead in a drainage ditch hours after being reported missing by his family

A search for a missing 86 year-old man suffering from dementia ended in tragedy after he was found dead in a drainage ditch.

On Sunday, March 21, Teddy Grady’s body was discovered in a ditch in Hallwood, California, just eight hours after his family reported that he was missing.

Teddy was last seen at a guest house attached to his family’s home on Saturday night. 

His family reported him missing after waking up around 8am on Sunday, with a Silver Alert – an app used to track missing adults.

The search for Teddy began and Yuba County Sheriff’s Office were shown footage from a neighbor’s security camera showing Teddy walking around the area by himself in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police increased their search parameters and used cars, horses and a helicopter to look for him.

His dead body was found in the ditch on Sunday evening. 

An autopsy is set to be carried out so police can know the cause of his death Fox40 reports.